About Us

Anisha Chitkara

 Hi, my name is Anisha and I'm a junior and BASIS Independent Silicon Valley. I enjoy biology and anatomy and am fascinated with the human body and body functions. I chose to research stimulants and depressants because people all around me constantly consume these and don't even realize what they're putting into their body and how it affects them. I've seen peers, family members, and people around me in general constantly bear the effects of these stimulants and depressants without realizing what causes them, and after doing this research I realized how much they actually impact our bodies. This is why today, along with my partners Megan Dudaney and Pooja Bansiya, I'd like to educate you all on the effects of Caffeine and Alcohol on your body. 

Megan Dudaney

​Hi, my name is Megan and I’m also a junior at Basis Independent Silicon Valley. I’m interested in medicine and how such a simple substance such as caffeine that is part of almost everyone’s daily lives (and for people like me, more than just daily) can affect our whole entire body long term and short term. I learned so much about these effects while doing this project and I hope to inform you all and change the way you think when you drink a cup of coffee or alcohol.

Pooja Bansiya

Hi, my name is Pooja and I’m a junior at Basis Independent Silicon Valley. I enjoy learning about human anatomy and medicine and researching on the different diseases that can affect our bodies and functions. Alcohol and Caffeine have always been an interesting drug for me to research since they are so normalized in our society and not many people know all the effects of them. I hope for this presentation to be impactful for everyone, to learn about what truly goes inside their bodies, but also, make people more aware and careful about toxins and keeping our body healthy.